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To request his free educational DVD and information kit, click the “FREE DVD.”  His timely comprehensive retirement planning guidance will be mailed to you and no one will call.  The “Wally Mackey Success Story” published in Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Money magazines will give you an insight to his unique strategies.  The story is not that Wally and his wife became multi-millionaires, the story is his strategies actually work by outperforming the stock market by 2:1 over the last two decades.  Now, Wally has a 5% yield product with a $100,000 minium for savers as well.  You need to take the time to study his approach in the privacy of your own home!




During the first week of June 2016, the media started to report own the financial services industry is finally being exposed to misconduct and misrepresentations.  This is an industry represented by financial planners (individuals licensed to sell stocks, bonds, variable annuities, and other investments).  Week after week we are hearing stories about how the economy is not improving!  There’s disappointing unemployment rates, low corporation profits, bank profits down 25%, affluent peak spenders are spending less money, and international financial affairs are worse than expected.  Then, an arbitration panel ordered the largest brokerage firm to pay about $8.6 million to a retiree for alleged unauthorized trading in unsuitable investments and elder abuse.  (That’s right, elder abuse.)  A major variable annuity company has agreed to pay $25 million for alleged misrepresentations to its customers.  The Federal Reserve outlined tougher capital requirements on two major insurance companies.  Jack Harris of WFLA continues to praise the retirement guy who isn’t even licensed to sell financial products in Florida.  Where is the truth?




Wally Mackey is a Lifetime Charter Member with a Master Certification of the Harry S. Dent Advisers Network and licensed to teach Economist Dent’s economic research.  The stock market was pushed into a bubble by the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing Policy – something called money printing.  In 2009, the Fed began buying bad mortgages from the banks by creating money out of thin air.  By a click of a computer key, the banks had more money to lend; however, the banks through their brokerage firms bought stocks in the 2009 stock market crash.  The Fed policy poured trillions of dollars into a stock market destined to bottom long ago.  Rather, the false sense of security has turned into an artificial stock market bubble.  There has never been a bubble which has not crashed.  They also crash sooner or later.  And, the Fed’s Quantitative Easing Policy has finally reached to point of diminishing returns.  It isn’t going to work much longer.


Economist Harry Dent and others forecast the Dow Jones Industrial Average will drop 80% by the end of 2017.  Go look at the value of your 401k, your stock portfolio, or your brokerage account and multiply it by 0.20.  Maybe you will be lucky and only lose 50%.  Does that make you feel better – knowing you will only lose half because part of your portfolio is in bonds?  The fact is you are going to lose a lot of money!


What if, you moved your money to a short-term account paying a 5% interest rate?  When things get better, you can put all of your money back into the stock market!  By the way, this short-term account has no fees and you do not pay any commission.  Better yet, you could move the money into a long-term retirement plan to earn even more!


Or, you can wait and see?  There will come a day when you wake up to the pain of losing money again.  Then, you’ll go to cash.  Earning less than one percent is better than losing money!  Right?


You start my requesting Wally Mackey’s free DVD.  Wally Mackey is a member of the Better Business Bureau of West Florida, Financial International Association of Registered Financial Consultants, National Ethics Association, AdvisorCheck, Lifetime Member of the Financial Planning Association, and a licensed life insurance and annuity provider in Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan.  Check out his references.


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