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The retirement guaranteed safe concept has outperformed the stock market by 2:1 over the last two decades!  Click “FREE INFORMATION” button or call 800-217-1556 to request a 60-minute educational DVD, a 15-minute audio CD, and an 8-page written report discussing the importance of preparing for the pending global economic crash.  No one will call you, and your personal information will be kept confidential.  Managing money requires special training, dedication and a personal comment. Scroll to the bottom of your screen and click on the video for a sample of the offerings available. 


Wally Mackey, RFC®, and his daughter, Tamara Christians, RFA®, specialize in a unique guaranteed retirement income concept.  They have over 1,800 clients who have never lost any money, never paid any fees, and never paid any commissions.  Too often, financial advisers will focus on their own business (developing more and more clients) rather than managing their clients’ money!  This copyrighted retirement guaranteed safe approach is taught through personal, one-on-one training sessions.  It’s so easy, thousands have already succeeded.  Now, it’s your turn.   


Our basic products are fixed rate products.  One product category earns an interest rate linked to an index with a past performance of a 6% average annual return over the last two decades.  Another product pays a 5% to 7% annual interest yield using a renewable 12-month contract.  Your plan can look just like your parents’ 1970s plan which earned interest rates in the 5% to 7% range.


The “Wally Mackey Success Story” has been published in Forbes, Money, Fortune, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and the Wall Street Journal.  When he became a financial planner in the mid-1990s, he immediately discovered a problem.  He had been trained to sell products he and his wife, Chris, wouldn’t buy for their personal retirement plan.


He had learned from Economist Harry S. Dent of the “Boom and Bust Cycles (1995-2023).  In 1993, Dent published a book titled, “The Great Boom Ahead” forecasting that investors would repeatedly make and lose money over and over again.  Driven by the need to support a special-needs child, Wally created the registered trademark, “Money Strategies Using Something Guaranteed Safe® and published a booklet titled, “Surviving the Baby Boomers’ New Toy: The Stock Market” in 1998.  It’s an approach which enabled he and his wife to accumulate millions – the same plan introduced to thousands across the country.


Wally Mackey and Tamara Christians are Lifetime Charter Members with a Master Certification from the Harry S. Dent Advisers Network.  Trained by Economist Harry S. Dent for over ten years, they use this knowledge to assist clients in the management of their money.  Mackey says, “If you want to be successful; then, do what I’ve done!”


Harry S. Dent’s ( 2016 book, “The Sale of a Lifetime: How the Great Bubble Burst of 2017 Can Make You Rich,” teaches the next global economic crash with markets (stocks, bonds, and commodities) are sitting on a time bomb.


Selecting the right financial product will be the most important decision of your lifetime.  In recent times, the Federal Reserve’s “Near Zero Interest Rate and Quantitative Easing Policies” has distorted financial markets in an attempt to overcome the repeating “Boom and Bust Cycles.”  Unless you understand these forces, you cannot accurately manage your retirement money!  Most advisers have not been trained to give dependable advice.  Now, you have an opportunity to work with someone with a proven success record!


Wally Mackey

Registered Financial Consultant®

President, Sycamore Group Inc.

Tampa, Florida



Tamara Christians

Registered Financial Associate®

President, Tamara Christians Inc.

Grand Rapids, Michigan




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