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You are encouraged to request Wally Mackey’s free DVD and information kit.  No one will call you.  Simply click the “Free Information” button or call his 24-hour message center at 800-217-1556.  His two retirement strategies are based on something guaranteed safe.


Wally Mackey is well-known as Tampa Bay’s teaching retirement adviser.  Most Baby Boomers and retirees have never learned the most basic principles of retirement planning.  Financial independence during these historic times will require special knowledge, patience, and positioning in something guaranteed safe.  He teaches these principles and offers a free written retirement plan as a pre-client requirement.  Thus, his client relationship begins with the “Wally Mackey Institute for Advanced Retirement Planning™.”  The first step is to request his free home study program, and for those seeking advanced training, he offers a free series of Saturday afternoon lectures where he teaches Economist Harry S. Dent’s research - economic forecasting based on demographics and the adult spending pattern.  This is the knowledge every Baby Boomer and retiree should learn prior to implementing any retirement plan, and you are not obligated in any way!




Before focusing on any retirement strategy (stocks, bonds, variable annuity, equity indexed annuity, bond, bond and stock mutual funds, etc.), you need to learn how the economy will affect your selection.  For example, if you select the perfectly, well-balanced stock and bond portfolio as your investment choice; you should first learn how the economy will affect your portfolio over the next decade.  Are stock prices and bond interest rates forecast to rise or fall?  Are we entering a period of boom or bust?  Are you investing in economic sectors favorable for making a profit or doomed to fail?  Is your advisor’s recommendations based on knowledge of sound economic forecasting or baseless promises?  These are good questions!  Do you know the answers?


Wally Mackey teaches his clients how to forecast the economy far into the future.  As the only Charter Member with a Master Certification from the Harry S. Dent Advisers Network in Florida, he is well-qualified and licensed to teach Harry Dent’s research.  More importantly he uses Harry Dent’s research to design your “Perfect Retirement Plan™” - a proprietary strategy available only to his clients.  It has a 16-year record demonstrating how his clients have never lost any money, never paid any fees, and earned an average 9.50% return since 1997.  How does this record compare to your historical earnings?  Maybe it’s time to learn his secrets!  No other adviser has access to this information!  No one advisor has matched his performance, and Mr. Mackey will welcome the opportunity to prove it!   




The simple plan assumes the client accumulates money over time.   Once the accumulation phase ends, retirement income begins with this money to supplement the social security benefit.  Thus, the size of the accumulation determines the retirement lifestyle.  If you accumulate a lot of money, you can withdraw more money over your lifetime – provided you do not later lose your money or spend too much money!  The simple approach comes with a continuous haunting fear of running out of money and totally dependent on the economy over the next 20-30 years.  Using the simple approach you will never achieve peace of mind or be able to fully enjoy your retirement.  Living in fear is no way to end life!  But, equally bad alternatives are the popular gimmicks – the strategies which were never designed for the economy ahead.  So, do not prejudge Wally Mackey’s proprietary approach!  His proprietary strategy was specifically designed for the predictable economic decade ahead – the worst is yet to come!   




The “Perfect Retirement Plan™” stems from Wally Mackey’s personal retirement planning.  Sixteen years ago he set out to create enough wealth to generate a dependable retirement income, an income which could be periodically increased to offset inflation, to provide an adequate reserve for long-term care; and most of all, an endowment legacy for his special-needs child.  Having just started his initial training with Economist Harry Dent, he realized these lifetime goals would be difficult to achieve.  Traditional financial planning strategies were doomed to fail.  Years of refinement and with Harry Dent’s collaboration, he has accumulated a multi-million dollar estate.  Along the way hundreds have been taught to follow his “Prefect Retirement Plan™” to achieve their family’s goals.  Now, it is your turn to benefit as well!  His training is free for the asking, and no one will call you!




Although Wally Mackey’s approach is simple, it’s based on a complex method of managing a safe money strategy originally created in 1995.  He has never recommended the now popular guaranteed lifetime income benefit riders on variable and fixed indexed annuities.  Harry Dent’s research shows these products may not have adequate reserves to pay future insurance claims.  Several major variable and fixed indexed annuity companies, once leaders in this industry, have already recognized the problems and bailed out; leaving their clients in the hands of unknown and lower-rated companies.


Nothing is safe until it has been tested over time.  Mr. Mackey’s money is safely held in portfolios which survived the Great Depression.  He only recommends highly-rated companies who have been through the long-term, product-develop stages and show a positive track record.  Primarily, his recommendations are based on published investment portfolios and product features favorable to his clients.  In almost every case, he personally owns the product in his family’s retirement plan.


Once the product strategy is deemed appropriate, he designs the necessary proprietary methods to manage the product strategy year after year.  Thus, client training coupled with written instructions are the keys to his success.  Over 1800 have successfully implemented this process!  No one has ever lost any money or paid any fees or paid any commissions.  Are you ready to make and keep your money safe and sound?  It starts with taking his free training.           




Recently, Wally Mackey introduced an alternative approach.  There are Baby Boomers and retirees who need a guaranteed lifetime retirement income which automatically increases with inflation, something entirely guaranteed from day one!  This approach is dependent on keeping the retirement money safe and sound, without any risk of loss, and it doesn’t even need continuous investment management.  All of the risk is passed to an insurance company.  Although somewhat flexible, the client can delay the income starting date, but once elected, the retirement income is calculated based solely on the guaranteed accumulated benefit value, the age of the participants, and the benefit income formula.  The guaranteed retirement income is adjusted for inflation annually based on the CPI declared by the government.  Thus, the retired couple will be assured of a continuous, inflation-adjusted income until the death of the second spouse.  The balance of the account will then pass to their beneficiaries.  This strategy takes all of the worry out of retirement.  Whereas, similar strategies used in the past meant the retired couple had no inflation protection and would be forced to reduce their retirement lifestyle after 10 years.  This new enhancement eliminates this adverse condition.  Imagine living without inflation worries! 




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